Happy New Year!

Hello 2012! I think this is going to be a good year. I like the looks of 2012--it's balanced with 2's at each end; the last three digits are in numerical order; it's an even number---What?--you hadn't looked at the number in that way? Yes, when I said that I like the "looks of 2012"--I meant the number itself. After all--we can't predict what will come our way this year, but we can consciously find things to be happy about everyday. My "word of the year" is find. Find joy, find happiness, find myself, find good, I hope to surprise myself along the way with many new discoveries!

Last year my word of the year was "joy". I just love that word, and because I made it my word of the year, I really did concentrate on identifying what brought me joy, and also in sharing joy. I didn't buy or make any new Christmas decorations for the house this year except for the word JOY above our fireplace. I bought unfinished cardboard letters, painted them, then sprayed them with a bit of Ranger's Perfect Pearls mist. I really liked the way it turned out.

Last year was the first time I picked a word to concentrate on throughout the year. Do you pick a word of the year? If so, I would love to hear what your word is.

Thank you to all my blog followers. This blogging journey has given me so much joy! Since it brings me joy--you will find more creative posts from me this year!
Have a wonderful day! XO


  1. FIND. What a terrific word. What a wonderful idea. Like the quote from the book "Anne of Green Gables," I might just ponder this word and consider finding a word of my own. "Imagery is the sincerest form of flattery."

    Happy New Year, dear friend! :-)

  2. Lisa, I have been a follower for a while, but I just noticed in your profile that you homeschool your son. I have an only child and have been hesitant to homeschool for that reason. How do you do it? Any advice for me? You can contact me at if you would like to share. And I love the "JOY"!