Letter Love 101

I am taking an on-line lettering class from the very talented Joanne Sharpe. I originally found her through Etsy, then started following her blog. I just love her whimsical flare! Our first assignment was to decorate a composition book to make it our "lettering journal". Being that I am a scrapbooker (and not really an artist!), I just used the paper scraps I had on my table to decorate my journal.

I am having so much fun with this class. Best of all--I'm meeting people from all around the world! It is full of high energy and very creative people!
It's not too late to sign up for this class. It's not streamed live, it is just a private blog. Best of all--once you purchase it, it is yours forever--like a book! So you can go at your own pace and not stress if you miss a day. Just click on the badge to the right if you want more information.
This all started with my word of the year, "find". I want to find that artist in me!!
Have a great day!
It's snowing in my little part of the world!


  1. It's interesting that you say you are a scrapbooker and not an artist, I call my self an artist by a huge failure at scrapbooking. It will be really interesting to compare our work at Letter Love classes!!

  2. I'm happy to read that you are enjoying the classes. I'm enjoying too. I like to do the things slow and here I feel I can do it to my pace (^^) I am a calm woman. "See you" in class and here, of course! Have a nice weekend! ♥

  3. Hi, nice to meet another classmate!Great cover on your journal.
    I think you have already found the artist in yourself.

  4. Love your journal, Lisa!! The class you are taking sounds really fun...I'm gonna check it out - thanks for sharing the link! I took a similar online class a few months ago through Stephanie Ackerman's blog. If you haven't ever heard of her, you will DEFINITLY want to check out her blog and her work...she is AMAZING!!!

    So, how much snow did you all end up with? This year we have only gotten a dusting of snow...MUCH different than this time last year when we received record snowfalls and business and roads were shut down for days! It was CRAZY!!

  5. I beg to differ with you on one important point. YOU ARE an artist. I like this very much! :-)