Scrap It Girl's February Challenge

February’s Challenge:  Feb. 2-Feb 29;  Show some love, use hearts, xo xo, or do a layout about someone or something you love! For my layout I chose the theme "Puppy Love" for the first day we brought our puppy, Ace, home. We fell in love with him--not so much love from the cats though! lol
(click on picture to see it larger!)

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Here is a picture of Ace now!


  1. He Lisa, here is Esther from Letterlove. thank you for visiting my blog (the dutch one...)
    Love your blog and you have made beatifull scrapworks!

    See you in class


  2. Ace is ADORABLE!! I love the layout you created about him...have the cats gotten used to him yet?? LOL! ;)