Our baby Robin

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I just have to share this story, it is one of those things that has me totally consumed!
Wednesday I was in the backyard tending the garden, potted plants and yard, when a Robin with a big fat worm in it's beak flew in and perched on the fence not even four feet away from me. I stood there and watched the bird, and it seemed like he was watching me. (Yes, I say he, the male birds have a much brighter chest and darker head.) I took a step closer and he hopped down to the lower rail of the fence. I continued to stand and watch him, and he seemed to be getting agitated. I know there aren't any nests in the trees in my yard, so I didn't know why he wasn't just flying off. When I turned to walk away, he hopped to the ground and there in the rock bed was a baby Robin! Dad fed the baby and flew away. Of course I then walked over to take a close look at the fledgling.
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So wish I would have run in to get my camera at this time but since I didn't, I had to search the web for a picture to show you about the size of "my" baby robin! Ours might be a bit younger than this picture.
I sat on the patio and watched the parent bird come back and feed him again-amazing! OK--I'm not one to sit around too long, so I went inside to do some work, but kept looking outside. Later, I saw the parent robin hopping around the patio, doing a little chirp, chirp with a bug in it's beak. The baby had moved and he was looking for it! The baby was found and fed, but instead of flying away, the parent hung around and the baby started following it (hopping)! He went quite a distance before running out of energy and quit following. OH, don't you know I was so worried, was he in a safe place? Will Dad find him? Would he survive the night?
The wind started to pick up--would he be protected from the wind? My husband was sure he wouldn't last through the night. We have coyotes, owls, hawks and last week I even saw an eagle catch a rabbit in the green space behind our house. To add to my worries, we were under a tornado watch with rain and hail expected.

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So many questions/concerns were going through my head:
Where is the nest? How far away is it? How did he end up here? Most of all, I was amazed that the
parent found it, and was taking care of it away from the nest. 
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Thursday morning: good news, no severe weather here, some rain but nothing worse! While making the morning coffee, I saw an adult robin on our patio, then soon, hopping out of the rock bed came the baby!! I didn't spend time watching--had coffee to make! Once that was done, I went outside to find where the baby was hiding now, but didn't see him. Soon the parent came to the spot where he last left the baby, did his chirp, chirp and then headed toward the window well. My stomach felt like it was in my throat, "Oh no, not the window well." This window well is about nine feet deep. It is by a garage door, so there is fencing by it so people, dogs or rabbits can't fall in it.

 (When we first moved in, my cat wanted to see what was on the other side of his fence. He used one of his nine lives, because the fall didn't harm him at all!)
I rushed downstairs to look out the window, and there was the baby nestled amongst the rocks in the corner of the window well. He looked like he was ok!
Now I was worried if the parent was going to come back to feed him.
So I waited, and waited, after about 15 minutes the daddy came down to feed his "problem child"!

 Looking down the window well that spot in the lower left of the window is the bird. (click on pictures to see larger image. If you have been following me awhile--you know how I feel about the current camera I'm using!)

 While I was taking the picture over the fence, I heard the parent's chirp, chirp. I moved away and dad flew down the window well with another mouthful of insect goodness for the (runaway) baby.

After the little one was fed, the parent then flew back to this fence, which is where I first saw him Wednesday. Those rocks are where the baby originally was.

And here are pictures of the baby.

OH----how I worry!!
I'll keep you posted................


  1. What a wonderful story, Lisa!! You sound just like me...I would be fretting too...actually, I am worried about the baby bird after reading your tale, so be sure to keep me posted - LOL! Chances are, since he is now hunkered down in your window well, he will be safe from wild animals. :) Anxiously awaiting the second installment of your story...

    1. Hey Becky!! Finally updated the Robin Story! I think I am back in the swing of things after my hectic summer! I've certainly missed my blogging friends! Thanks for your ♥ and support!

  2. My heart was in my mouth as I was reading this post! Last year, I had a baby thrush in the garden, hopping around while his mum and dad tried to feed him. He had flown the nest but couldn't get off the ground again! I spent the afternoon fending off cats, trying to get into the garden. After hours of hopping round the garden and making so much noise he may as well have been banging pans together shouting,"cats come and get me!" he flew off!!!!

    1. Emma, love your story! Sorry I didn't reply sooner to your nice comments on my blog. I didn't blog much this summer, but am now back in the swing of things! I DO love your blog, and check in there often. Thanks for sharing the ♥!

  3. Also just wanted to say, thank you for your lovely comment in Colorlove 101, where you said "you're Mimi and Tilly?" that really made my heart sing to know you've been reading and enjoying my blog. ♥

  4. I have been checking back to check on the little bird but now I'm checking on you...haven't see you in awhile. Hope everything is OK. I live in TX and heard the wildfires in CO are really bad--Hope you are all safe!

    1. Dear Karen,
      Thanks so much for checking in and leaving comments. I didn't get to blog much this summer, but feel I am back in the swing of things! Just wanted to let you know, I have now updated the Robin Story!

  5. What a story! We're bird lovers at our house, too. I love watching the birds that visit our back yard and could really relate to your post.

    Thanks for taking the time to share it. :-)