Sunday NIght

This is a little bit different post for me--but I just wanted to share a couple great things! I LOVE Pinterest and I LOVE it when I actually make something that I have pinned. For dinner tonight I made Chicken Marsala that I found on Pinterest.

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It was amazing! My son actually said, " that was so good, you need to make that more often!" So happy to move this one to my "Pinned It and Did It" board!

Then we rented a Jim Carrey movie, Yes Man. We love Jim Carrey and this movie did not disappoint. It had us laughing all the way through. I know--it has been out for awhile, we just never got around to getting this one!
Hope the rest of your holiday weekend is fantastic!

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  1. YUMMM!! That chicken marsala looks delish...can't wait to try the recipe out on my fellas too! :)