Studio J Layouts

Thanks to Studio J, I was able to get some layouts completed in February.

I'm really a traditional scrap booking kind of girl,
but you got to love how fast and easy it is to do layouts in Studio J!

I just loved this kit selection that is exclusive to Studio J. It was perfect for this summer pool party!

You receive a JPG file of your layouts right away from Studio J.
To protect the identity of my son's friends, I distorted their faces in FotoFlexer.
A pretty cool place to mess with pictures.
I've also been using PicMonkey a lot lately.

It hardly took me any time at all to complete these four, 2-page layouts of my son's 11th birthday. Um-yea, that was three and a half years ago! It's about time I got them done. Thank you Studio J!

Do you have some pictures that have been waiting to make it into an album? Why don't you give Studio J a try? You can play there all you want and not have to order anything! Have fun!

NOTE: This is the second post for today! If you are looking for doodles--please keep scrolling!

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