Art Journal

Ohhhh--I can't tell you how much fun I have been having with this; my first Art Journal! Nothing fancy--I took a magazine and glued every two pages together. Then I glued on scrap paper, threw on gesso, paint, and sprays for the background then drew, wrote, collaged or what ever I felt like. I'm totally experimenting with everything. I've been trying out different styles from talented people I follow online. I've been practicing different lettering styles, practicing faces and just plain having fun with color!

So first up are the first two pages.

Not the best--I always thought I would be going in and adding more writing, but I was thrilled with how the face turned out! I had just finished reading Miss Timmins' School for Girls and was thinking about the main character who had a "blot" on her face.

Next I followed the style of Tracy Moore. She has an awesome YouTube series on background, collage, and lettering. (Click here for the first in the series) After watching it, I created these two pages.

Again--I will probably write in open spaces, just haven't done so yet.
Teesha Moore's website is a huge inspiration for me too.
(I'm pretty sure Tracy and Teesha are one and the same!)

That's all for today.
Thanks for stopping by.

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