The Robin Conclusion!

Finally! The long awaited sequel to the "Robin Story" is here!

I left the story on Thursday, the first day of "window well confinement". Friday, the first thing I did after waking, even before making coffee, was to go down to check on the the fledgling. I was so happy to see him up, alert and hopping around! The parent came throughout the day to feed him. 

Saturday and Sunday, the same routine. The baby was trying his wings at flying and he would get a couple of feet off the ground, then try to grab onto the screen with his feet to stay elevated. My husband and I started to worry that there was no way he would be able to fly up vertically the 9 feet he needed to get out. If you think about it, a fledgeling leaving a nest would drop down, not fly up. So on Sunday we made the decision that it would probably be best to get him out of the window well. Brian would take the screen off the window from inside the house, climb into the window well; catch him; climb a ladder and hand him off to me over the top of the fence.

There were many problems with this plan!

Catch a bird??!!

We didn't think about scooting him into a box or anything logical like that! We didn't realize catching him would be so hard. Not to mention that we didn't even have a ladder tall enough to be able to hand the bird to me over the fence!
OK--plan B--leave the ladder there so the bird could make it out by himself. 


The baby robin immediately took to the ladder,
but he still wasn't able to fly to the top of the window well.

  Next, we put a board on the ladder to be like a plank to the top, but it was too steep. 

Doesn't it look like he is looking up at me and saying, "What am I suppose to do now?"
Click on picture to see it larger and to get a good look at this adorable expression!

Tuesday, my husband had to leave town for a few days, and he was hoping the bird would have made it out so he wouldn't have to worry! Before he left, we decided to move the board we were using as a plank and put it across the top of the window well, hoping the bird would be able to get to the top of the ladder, then fly to the board. Once again, Brian goes to the window, takes out the screen to get into the well and the bird sees his big chance for escape--he flies right toward the open window! The natural reaction for Brian was to block the window with the screen that was still in his hand, which then knocked the bird, who bounced off and fell to the ground. Brian was SO upset, here we were doing everything we could for this baby bird, and he accidentally knocks it down. Brian was sure the bird was hurt and wouldn't be able to fly. After a little rest though, the bird was back to his perch at the top of the ladder and Brian successfully moved the board to the top of the window well. Feeling better, but still worried, my husband left for his business trip.

I kept a vigilante eye on the bird now. A couple hours after Brian left, the baby was on the top of the ladder when the parent came to feed him, I moved in to take a picture. The parent saw me and flew back up to the top of the fence.

I was so mad at myself, because of me the baby didn't get his breakfast. The dad stayed at the top of the fence though and kept chirping to his offspring. The baby, with head cocked, was intently listening. He took a look around as if assessing the situation; spread his wings; took a leap and FLEW to the top of the window well!

Do you see him sitting on the ledge to the left? He still has to fly over the well and to the top of the fence.
With heart in my throat, I then watched him delicately fly from the ledge to the top of the fence. I ran upstairs, looked out the sliding glass door to see this!

  Look how proud dad is, with his tail feathers spread out!

 Doesn't it look like dad is saying, "Good job, son!" 

 And when I sent this picture to my husband's phone, he said it made his day!
You are free to fly, my little bird!

 Thank you to everyone that left comments on my Robin story. Some even left comments with concern for me and my sporadic posting. Just as I helped and watched after this bird, I felt the support from you. We all need a little lift sometime, and I thank you for your encouraging words!
I am now ready to soar!!!



  1. Haha! I read each word of this story anxiously awaiting the outcome, it was just like a suspenseful novel with a beautiful ending! So glad to see you back!

  2. YEAH!! I had been wondering what happend with the baby bird saga, and now I know - great story! So glad that he found his bravery and was able to fly! :)