NSD Challenge #4

I really got to go spend time with the family!
This challenge is for Big Picture Classes Challenge #10.
In this challenge we were to use any cast-off object on a layout--to upcycle. 

Funny story here. I've saved a Kleenex box for awhile now because I liked the design on it so much, I thought I would find a good use for it. When I saw this challenge, I went to look for that box and guess what I found? Easter candy that I had bought and couldn't remember where I had hidden! LOL--please tell me I'm not the only person who does this! But oh boy--finding chocolate when you think there is none in the house makes me very happy! I immediately unwrap the little chocolate bunny, pop it into my mouth and admire the cute picture on the bright colored foil---and an idea pops into my head!

Why not use this for the challenge!

PageMaps helped me put together this layout. 

OK--I think I'm done for the day!
Thanks for looking in.

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