I Doodle, Do You?

I took the funnest online class called, "I Doodle, Do You?" Sandi Tygar is the instructor and she guides you through 4 lessons to get you on your doodling way! My creative juices have opened, and the ideas are crowding my mind! All I want to do is doodle all day! HA--reminds me of the song; "....I don't want to work, I just wanna bang on my drum all day."
Anyway--here are some of the "mosaic" style doodles we did.

 It was so much fun combining Sandi's doodles with the
lettering I learned from Joanne Sharps "Letter Love" class.

There are lots of changes happening in the Fowler household, and "follow your heart's desire" is a phrase that has been heavy on my mind. (I'll fill ya'll in on the changes soon)

 Do you want to get your doodle juices going? Then go to My Brave Soul, Sandi's blog. This link is a post of the supplies for the class. Browse her blog and see some of the fabulous doodles Sandi has, then go to the top of her side bar to join the class.


  1. awww!!! Love it... thank you!! <3 You did such a great job... I'm so proud!!

  2. Your art is awesome!! Love it! Love the combo of Artful Alphabets with the doodles. I haven't done that, except on one, which is not colored yet. Great job!

  3. WOW! WOW! WOW!! Your doodles are AMAZING, Lisa - great work! I'll be sure to check out Sandi's site...thanks for sharing the link! :)