Picasso and Wine

Last Thursday I went to a fun little place called Picasso and Wine. It is the kind of place where you can discover your inner artist. (or not!!) There is instruction on how to create the nights featured painting while you sip your wine and listen to music. It's lots of fun and you leave with a painting that will either get hung in a place of honor--or the laundry room! So here is a look at my artwork, it will be hung in the laundry room!


  1. Lisa--you are too hard on yourself. I like your painting! Birds are tricky to do. My advice? Decorate your laundry room so that this painting will be in a place of honor. Every girl deserves a pretty laundry room. :-)

    And thank you for bravely sharing your art with us. Picasso and Wine sounds like fun!

  2. Yes, you are too hard on yourself. You only get better through practice. So, keep practicing. I like the bird. Love how your blog celebrates the holiday.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today. As you can see my art making is all over the place. I have learned to not listen to the critical voice inside and just enjoy the process. Some days I get diamonds, some days I make lemonade. :)

    I used to live all over the front range in the 70s, from Boulder to Colo. Spgs. My oldest daughter and her family live in Evergreen, CO. I just don't do snow and that's why I first moved to Oregon. No snow, just rain. Now I'm in NC still enjoying no snow and sunny skies.

    Looking forward to your creations in the Letter Love class.

  3. He here is the beautiful bird I saw on flick-r Good to see you in letter love ;-)