This one is super easy and fast. Take four (or more) of your coffee filter scallops and wad up three of them.

Next unwad and stack them with the unwrinkled one on the bottom.

Poke hole through middle and then place brad.

Leave as is (shown at the top of post) or wrinkle them for your desired look.

Of course this can also be done with cardstock or patterned paper.

This next flower was inspired from the blog What a Beautiful Mess and her Ruffled Flower Tutorial. I'll have you visit her site for the instructions!

Thanks for stopping by today! OH--Have a fantastic Mother's Day. Marek had a Boyscout camp out this weekend, and I am now off to go pick him up!

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  1. LOVELY flowers!! Thanks for sharing the "how-to" for these. Hope you have a FANTASTIC Mother's Day!!