Hi! IN case your forgot, my name is Lisa, and I love to scrapbook, create paper crafts, doodle and experiment with mixed media creations! I've been absent for quite some time now, and I am

To help me get some mojo back, I took an online class from the very talented Joanne Sharpe. She is such a talented artist and a GREAT teacher. Her blog is called Whimspirations, go visit and get lost in color, whimsy art and beautiful doodling!

The class I took this summer is called, Doodle Arts and Lettering. It is the second class I have taken from Joanne, and I want to take ALL of them!

To be totally honest--I haven't quite finished up all the lessons. But that is the beauty of her classes, it is like buying a virtual book. Once you have paid for the class-it is yours to access whenever you want!

Here is a little of what I have done!

The cover for one of the journals used in the class.

A "Second Grade Art Girl Dress".
Think about it, somewhere in our early childhood, we weren't afraid to draw, to make mistakes, or share our work! This is from Joanne, "I know she's in there somewhere. She's the most free spirited I ever was in my whole life...she has skills...she has spunk...she is playful, fearless, curious, excited and FREE...I am her!

Then she taught us how to draw this really cute dress. It was so fun to see everyone's creations. It would have made a beautiful and colorful class picture!

This next one was the "Paint Marker, Whimsey Doodle" lesson.
The background is painted acrylic, then we used paint markers over it.

"Painted Under-Over-Under"
OH---how I loved this technique, I know I will be using it a lot in my art journal.

I have a few more--that I need to take pictures of them. I'm also working on some scrapbook layouts! It has been a LONG time since I've done that!

Thanks for stopping here to look today--thanks for sticking with me!

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  1. It's been awhile since I've had time to catch up on my favorite blogs. I was so excited to see you've been posting. I'm going to share these recent posts with my daughter. She's quite the budding artist and would love to try the doodle drawing. Thanks for posting, friend. :-) -B