A Use for Everything!

There is a building boom in my neighborhood. I see all this scrap wood destined for the dump and I just know I can do something with it all! 

I came up with these.

I painted with acrylic paints. Got out all my papers (boy was that a huge mess!), wrote and cut out the letters of the words, Mod Podged everything on the wood, added a little something with bling to the top, wha-la~ something was created from wood destined for the dump!


a little bit loud,
a little bit crazy,
a lot of love.

a little bit wild,
a little bit hectic,
a  lot of fun.

 Read, Write, Learn
Teaching is a Work of Heart.

I'm heading out to go pick up more scrap wood!
Thanks for looking in today!


  1. AWESOME projects!!! I reeeeally love how you incorporated the details/verses on the sides - so cute! You know, you could sell these at a craft fair/booth...they would go like hot cakes! :)

    1. Thanks Becky! I am taking them to a local boutique where I sell some of my crafty things. Hope they sell! They were so much fun to make, I'd love to make more.