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I love creating mini albums--and I'm always on the lookout for different ways to create them. While surfing my favorite blogs last week, I saw a super cute mini on Terry Ann Diak's blog. I set out right away to create it, but changed it up a little--because I couldn't quite figure out what she did! LOL, I do like my end result though. It is super fast and easy to put together.

{GASP} That first album isn't made with Close To My Heart paper! Yep--sometime I do venture outside of the CTMH world! I know there are a few CTMH consultants that follow here; who knows the name of the paper in the mini shown below? I'm such a hoarder, I loved that paper so much, it was hard to use!

 I'm going to call this mini the "Gatefold Mini," because it is kind of like a Gatefold card. The album is held shut by a "latch" holding down the title piece (the gate). The "latch" was simply made by covering a chipboard tag with paper and a brad holds it in place yet lets it move.

 Above is a picture of the first left flap opened.
Next a picture of the first right flap open.

Then it just keeps unfolding until you have four flat pages and three pockets, that stick out like pages in a book, with cards in them for journaling and pictures. In all, there are 18 spots for pictures and/or journaling.

Here is a real quick tutorial on the cuts and scores for the mini.

1. You need 3 pieces cut 6 x 12 and one piece cut 9-7/8 x12.
2.  Score that shorter piece at 4".
3.  Score 2 of the 6 x 12 pieces at 2" and 8".
4.  Score the last 6 x 12 piece at 2", 8-1/8, and 8-3/8.

The shortest piece is at the far right of your album and we are going to build on that piece. The piece on the far left is the piece that has three score lines on it, so make sure you glue that one on last.

5. Glue along short edges and bottom fold of the 2"section and adhere to 4" side of that shortest piece.

 This forms a pocket for a card (mine are 5-1/4"  x 5") to put a picture on one side and journal on the other.

Oh---I know --horrible pictures--I hope you get the idea.

6. Continue with step 5. Decorate with all your pretty paper.

Super quick tute--let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to explain more if needed!

Thanks for stopping by today!
OH--the name of the paper pack is "Let's Get Together" and I don't even know how many years ago it came out!

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  1. This mini is so cute! I am teetering on scrapping!;0)