Happy Valentines Day

I found this little heart shaped snowball on our Valentine hike last Sunday. We celebrated Valentines Day on the 12th this year, we were in the mood for a hike in the mountains so we headed for Rocky Mountain National Park. I told my husband that if we could go to my favorite restaurant in Estes Park, we could call it our Valentine's dinner.
So pretty!
We picked a short hike, Bierstadt Lake, 2.5 round trip and a trail we hadn't done before.
It was the perfect hike. Once we got to the lake, it started lightly snowing.  I like hiking in colder weather, it is so invigorating. Then we topped it off with an Italian dinner at the Dunraven Restaurant.

My sweet boy!

Yikes! He is taller than Dad! When did that happen?
 I hope you have had a wonderful Valentines Day or Week!


  1. What wonderful memories you're making. I like hiking, too. Your pictures are beautiful. Well done, friend! :-) And Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Looks like so much fun!! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Lisa! :)