Coffee Filter Flowers

Oh My, it has been awhile since I have posted anything crafty! We went on vacation for 5 days, and now we are winding up the school year and that leaves me little time or energy to craft!

I took these pictures when I made the envelope mini awhile back, and just realized they were never posted.

I had so much fun making these coffee filter flowers, blending colors and staining fingers!
First, I created my own craft mat! Whenever I misted with water or glimmer mist, I would pull out a Close to My Heart box to work in, this way the mess was contained inside the box.

But I still wished for a craft mat, so the colored mist would puddle on the mat instead of soak into the cardboard of the box. WELL--I just happen to have a roll of contact paper in my craft room. I covered the bottom of the box with two layers of craft paper and it is just like one of those expensive craft mats!

In fact, I think it is better than a craft mat because I have the sides of the box to stop the spray from drifting very far!

Here is what you will need to make these flowers:

Punch scallops from the coffee filters, then have fun coloring them with your markers.

Place them on a craft mat and mist with water. Use your finger to blend the colors.

After you have misted a few scallops, there will be puddles on your craft mat, lay a dry coffee filter scallop in the puddle and watch it soak up the color!

Now let them dry, and my next post will be on the creation of a couple flowers you can make with these beauties!

Thanks so much for visiting today, hope your day is great!

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  1. Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing your "how to" instructions - I'll have to make some of these myself! Also, your craft mat/box is the're so clever!