Baby's 1st Journal

I am having so much fun; using up old paper and blank coasters, getting out lots of stamps and creating different kinds of journals!

This little journal measures 4x4 and has 24 pages, 2 pages for each month of the year.

There are tags and pockets to record and store even more stories and items. Best of all, it is bound with book rings, so you can rearrange the book starting with the year your baby was born!

Nope--I'm not expecting! I'm thinking about starting an etsy shop. I just love making this little things!

Thanks for looking in today!


  1. These are fantastic! I love how it's built to really get used and hold up over time. :-)

    Silly question: Where did you get the blank coasters? Are they an "etsy" thing?

    Very inspiring, Lisa!

  2. What a terrific way to use up scrap paper - GREAT idea! Once again, Lisa, you and I are on the same "wavelength"...I too have been researching/thinking about opening up an ETSY shop! Too funny!