Ribbon Holder

I've always stared at the fun Quaker Oatmeal containers and wondered how I could reuse it; finally, it came to me--a Ribbon Holder. I have so much ribbon, not only on these spools, but a bunch that had been tucked away in drawers and forgotten about.
Awhile back at a crop a fellow scrapper had a bag, kind of shaped like a rectangle with a zippered lid to it. The "bag" had holes punched all over with ribbon sticking out and inside was all the ribbon, just thrown in there without the spools. I figured this would work as well with the oatmeal's cardboard container. I covered it with some old Close to My Heart patterned paper, punched holes all over, then had fun getting all the ribbon in there! Now maybe I'll use more ribbon with layouts and on cards!

1 comment:

  1. What a FABULOUS idea! I've covered oatmeal containers to use as creative gift boxes and boxes to give baked goods in, but the ribbon storage idea is just GENIUS!!! Thanks for the inspiration!