Stylish Blogger Award

Wow! What an honor and surprise that I was given this Award!
To accept this award, I must do the following:
  • Thank the person that nominated me. Becky, thank you so much! You have become my BBF (that would be Best Blogger Friend!) Check out her blog, she not only is a talented paper crafter, but shares some fantastic recipes too!
  • Tell you 8 things about me you probably don't know: OK--
  1. I love music from the 80's
  2. Yellow is my favorite color
  3. Joy is my middle name
  4. I love to go sledding
  5. I don't really like talking on the phone.
  6. I have dreams of opening a scrapbook retreat in the mountains
  7. I love to go on long bike rides. (30+ miles would be considered long for me)
  8. I love watching college basketball games and pro football games.
  • Pay it forward: I'm to pass this award onto two more deserving blogs: Oh that is a hard one, I have so many I love to visit, but today I'll pass this onto:
  1. Amy Callaway-Amy's Art from the Heart
  2. Debbie Carriere - Scrapping My Heart Out
So have some fun and go check out this fabulous Stylish Blogs!!

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