Home is Where Mom Lives

I grew up in Kansas. After college my sister and I ended up working and staying in the same area close to our parents. My brother's career took him to Michigan. I thought I would always be in the Kansas City area, I didn't know anything different than being surrounded by family and friends. My sister and I started our families there, her youngest and my only child were born three weeks apart. Three out of five of the grandkids were in town, close by, for grandma to visit often. 

As it turned out, because of our husbands jobs,
my sister and I moved out of state--in--the--same--week.

Can you imagine the devastation this was to my mom?

I started this awhile ago--but it got pushed aside. It has been leaning against the wall, close to my computer for quite sometime so I would see it everyday, it just wasn't quite what I had envisioned. I wish I would have taken a picture of it at that point, but yesterday, I started adding to it, doodling on it and slapped  more paint here and there, then declared it done.

I'll give it to her when I go visit this week.
I'm going  to KC so I can be with my mom
 when we have the consultation with doctors about the
that has attacked her body.

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  1. Beautiful art project, Lisa! I know your mom will just love it! Keeping your mom in my prayers...please keep me posted about her diagnosis. My mom battled triple negative breast cancer 3 years ago, so I understand how scary this is for you. My mom sees her oncologist every 6 months, and thankfully the tests continue to come back clear! Be strong and know that prayers are being lifted up for you both! :) {{HUGS!!}}