Three WIPs Done!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this-----I have a horrible problem with completing a one page layout for a challenge, then put it aside for "more time" to do the companion to finish the story.

 The right page to this layout was done back in March for a challenge on using recycled pieces. I actually started the left hand side and had some of the patterned paper adhered to the page--then set it aside. Month's later, I go to finish it and really had no idea what my plan for the page was! I just played around with pictures and matting to figure out how to get it all to work. I've become more comfortable with just journaling anywhere on my layouts. I suppose that comes from my new interest in keeping an art journal.

The layout above was done a year ago at an all day crop, I hadn't put it in my album yet because there were more pages to complete for this trip. Looking at it a year later, I decided to add the banner across the top. 

This layout was done just this last September at an all day crop. If you read my post yesterday, I ended it stating that I hoped to get back that evening to post my WIPs. Well, while working on that post, I just kept staring at the word on this layout. I thought I better double check my spelling on that strange and seldom used word. Sure enough, I had it wrong! I originally had "splunking" and it fit oh so perfectly in the space! I had a tough time pulling the stickers up and squeezing in that 'e'!

Hope you have a fantastic day--or evening--or night's sleep, depending on whatever time you are visiting!!

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