I'm heart broken--feel lost--a part of me is broken; our camera has had it. For awhile now, I've had to squeeze one corner of the camera, because it is missing two screws on one side. On Sunday, I went to take a picture of a completed layout--and the lens is jammed--or something. It has been a good little camera, I'm going to try to find a camera shop to see what the cost would be to get this one working. In the meantime, we do have another digital camera--but it doesn't take indoor pictures well at all. So--here's hoping for sunny days, so I can take pictures outside!
I have so much to show you all!


  1. What a bummer! I hope you can get it fixed. Praying for sunny days ahead so I can selfishly get more inspiration from you. :-)

    You rock, Lisa!

  2. That stinks! Sorry that your well-loved camera died...may it RIP! :) Here's hoping that you're able to find a replacement soon...I so love admiring all of your wonderful creations!