Toilet Paper Roll Wreath!

I was totally inspired by Alisa Burke with recycling toilet paper rolls. You can see her wreath and a tutorial here. I learned how to make the button carnations from Connie McFarlane, you can go here and find out how to make them. She really is a master of flowers, spend some time there and you can learn all sorts of fun things.

I tried to get better pictures of the wreath, but just couldn't.
It really is prettier than it looks in these pictures.

Can you guess what room of the house my wreath is hanging?
(that would be the craft room bathroom!)
Thanks for looking in today.
Hope everyone is able to find a cool spot to relax in today!


  1. WOW, Lisa!! This is that you recycled TP rolls to make it, and the button carnation flowers are soooo pretty! Thanks for sharing the links...I'll be sure to check them out!

  2. OH MY! This is soooooo neat! I love the way you think outside the box. You are blessed to inspire. :-)