Not only am I a paper and embellishment hoarder, put I am also a bead hoarder. I have been collecting beads and gemstones for awhile now because I wanted to make some jewelry with it. Then I get all the stuff and it just sits, because I want it to be just perfect--and well, that takes time to think about. Well, today I finally did something. Not the most creative in designs, but they will do!


  1. BEEEEAUTIFUL!!! I love beaded jewelry, and have considered learning how to make it...just what I need - yet another hobby to obsess about - LOL! One of the ladies that I used to work with, (she retired last May), makes beaded jewlery and brings her creations to our office a couple of times a year to sell. I just love it when she brings her pretties to share with us! Keep up the great work, Lisa, and be sure to post more of your jewlery creations!!

  2. Those look awesome, Lisa!! (And, yes, I have a hoard of beads, too... ;) Maybe one of these days I'll do something about it.)