Our New Addition

This little black ball of cuteness is why I haven't posted artwork lately! Meet Ace, the newest addition to our family. He is a miniature poodle and the sweetest little puppy! He is Marek's dog and for the most part, Marek does a good job of taking care of Ace. But I just can't get any work done when the puppy isn't napping and/or Marek is busy with school work.

This is a picture of Ace the day we brought him home and the reaction from the cats! Hally and Hank have bonded over the trauma of a puppy! They actually sit and lay down close to each other now. They are just really P.O.ed that the dog is inside and they aren't invited in for the party! (click on pictures to see them full size--especially the one with the cats-I think it's a pretty funny picture.)

I am working on a project; another paper bag mini album. It is taking me much longer than the first one I made. This one is a gift, and there are tons of pictures that will be in it. Maybe tomorrow I'll post some sneak peeks of the project.
That's all for now! Thanks for stopping by~~

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