A Blog Award!

I am doin' a little happy dance because I have been presented a Blog Award! I was admiring artwork on Heather R's blog and was reading her post about her excitement over the blog award she won and my chin just about hit the desk when I saw that she had passed the award onto me! WoW!! What a thrill! View Heather's blog here--she has beautiful artwork there!
Now here is what I have to do to accept the award:
1. Thank the person who gave it to you:
Heather, you made my day! Thank you so much for thinking of me when considering who to pass this onto. I see blog awards all the time, and just never considered that some day I would be receiving one!

2. Post the award on your blog:

3. Tell everyone the 3 things you love:
I love my family; my son for being the wonderful kid he is and my husband who works so hard so I am able to be a home schooling mom. I love autumn in Colorado! And I love the awesome network of friends I've made through Close to My Heart!

4. Post a picture you love:
This picture was taken last year on our annual "Fall Drive". We took a rather strenuous hike up a "hill" in Rocky Mountain National Park. Isn't he one cool mountain dude?

5. Pass the award onto 5 blogs you LOVE:
(ok--but so hard to do--there are so many I love and visit often!)

Karen Day - Kday Creations
Annette Green - Annette's Creative Journey
Amy - Amy's Art from the Heart
Jayma M.
Lorrinda - Isn't that Sweet?

So now go check out these beautiful blogs--these ladies are a constant source of inspiration for me!

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