Christmas Decorating

This post is to show my family our house at Christmas. You were all in my thoughts today-I missed being with you. A few have asked about the home and Christmas decorations--so this one is for you! (you can click on each picture to enlarge it and see better!)We didn't do a whole lot outside, just these two small Alberta Pines by the front porch, but you can see the Christmas tree inside the front door. In the back we had one pine tree covered in blue lights.
I was thrilled that our Christmas tree worked in the new house. We were afraid it would be too tall. No room for a star at top--but it fits! Hard to believe we have had this tree for 13 years and we still love it!

The mantel. The fireplace is in the corner of the room and bookcases hit right up next to it, so no draping garland and lights. Went very simple this year, but will work on this area next year.

The built in hutch was the perfect place to display some of my Christmas bird houses and Santas. Up above there were twinkling lights and it gave off a nice glow. For those who haven't visited yet; to the right of here you enter the kitchen and to the left the hearth room.

This shows some of the garland and lights above kitchen cabinets. On the counter is the Gingerbread house Marek and I did on the 24th.
The next two pictures show the display of Santas and birdhouses in the stairwell. There was a (fake) candle in each window up the staircase--so that would be 4 windows!

And then we get to this morning! Marek and Ace were very excited to dig into their stockings!

It was a beautiful day--50+ degrees--the kind of day where you just had to be outside. We took a nice walk along the Pouder River.
Hope your day was nice and relaxing too!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the photos of your home decorated for Christmas - it's beautiful!! Your Christmas birdhouses are great...I love birdhouses too!!

    It was cloudy and cold here in OK on Christmas day...even had a few snow flurries!